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Andreas Karas,

Founder, President of Blue Terra Capital Ltd

Andreas is a former Deloitte & Touche Europe, Director in Corporate Finance focusing on acquisitions, capital-raising, and financial consulting. Outside advisor on project by project basis with such institutions as Abu Dhabi Investment Company (ADIC)/InvestAD, Deloitte, and good working relationships with the principals of European, Canadian, Chinese and American public companies as well as with boutique investment banks in Europe and Asia.


Academic work includes undergraduate and graduate studies in international relations and economics from the School of International Service (SIS) / American University, in Washington, D.C (both thru the Fulbright program).

He operates via his main holding company, Blue Terra Capital Ltd, out of Bahamas where Andreas is the principal for an island that he is developing to have one of the most exclusive resorts in the Caribbean. On the non-profit front, Andreas leads various initiatives which are supported entirely by him and without any financial benefit or outside funding. He holds stakes in technology, real estate, pharma sectors, but main area of involvement in recent years has been on renewable energy projects, especially solar.

Of special interest and involvement has been hydrogen that he came to appreciate the value of it at earlier decades but was waiting for both the technologies to mature and the market to be receptive as has become the case in 2022/2023 when he cofounded New Hydrogen Hub Ltd in Cyprus to help bring together under one roof all necessary technologies to create an example for Europe and the world where is the brand owned by Blue Terra and is being launched to integrate hydrogen technologies as a one stop solution. 

Andreas is also a strong believer and supporter of ThorCon’s nuclear energy technology, . ThorCon is the only company he has been involved that can both create immense wealth for its shareholders and for the planet, as it is a safe, low cost, scalable energy.

Andreas set up a small foundation (non-profit initiatives which are supported entirely by him and without any financial benefit or outside funding): 


Andreas has CFA Level II passed and his main hobby is learning languages: fluent in Greek, English and Russian, as well as working level of French and Spanish while improving on Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese and learning Turkish, Swahili and Korean.

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