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Back in late 1990s / early 2000 when Andreas Karas was building bridges of cooperation between the United States/European Union and Russia he was fascinated to know from some of the leaders of the gas industry in Russia that their main long-term prediction for the future of energy was a technological breakthrough in the production of hydrogen. Since then he followed hydrogen patiently and with interest until a few years ago some of those technologies were starting to clearly evolve.  Ironically, where his hope 20 years ago that Ukraine could have been a bridge and not a wall between Russia and the west, something he back then realized was not in the charts, at year 2023 Ukraine is a key reason why hydrogen has taken a new role in global energy security.


Out of this necessity he worked closely with his friends, with the lead of Chung Tong-Soo, to line €400 million to be invested in relation to Europe’s security of green hydrogen, where the first project in the making is the in Cyprus but the actual choice of country will depend on the eventual true support coming from both EU and other institutions. The actual funding interested is significantly higher than that, but it looks increasingly that Africa / Middle East will play a more prominent role in the deployment of green hydrogen for Europe, thus certain of Blue Terra’s shift on geographical orientation.


In parallel with working on business models for deploying hydrogen projects, Blue Terra was blessed with the right relationships (built over the last 20+ years) with companies that have developed key hydrogen technologies, certain of them being leaders in the cost per kg of hydrogen produced. To match Blue Terra’s access to a) funding, including in the use of carbon credits,  and b) large scale hydrogen projects, either of Blue Terra or companies that has relationships with:  Blue Terra has come to an agreement with such hydrogen technology companies to launch turn key hydrogen solutions under a new brand to be marketed under  “hydrogen” is actually a Greek word, “υδρογόνο”, (“idrogono”) thus in certain languages, like in Spanish is idrogeno, closest to the original; effectively giving us a very unique domain visibility to capture part of $700 billion in needed investments in hydrogen during this decade (see McKinsey & Co. / Hydrogen Council quote below).

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