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David Devanney

Advisory Board

David Devanney photo.jpeg

David Devanney has been a co-founder and CEO of ThorCon since 2016, . Dave has focused on finding a suitable host country and developing the partnership arrangements (commercial, technical, regulatory and financial) to enable the realization of the Demonstration Project which he prepared over the last 5 years in Indonesia and now ThorCon is in the lead to bring  low-cost nuclear energy to the world. 


High Cay, Abacos, Bahamas was Dave’s main home for 27 years while managing his most successful venture Tankship Transport which was a ship owning and operating company that he founded /led. Tankship managed one million deadweight tons of its own large oil tankers  and another million tons of tankers for outside owners. Dave’s friendship with Blue Terra’s principal, Andreas Karas, led to having his island become the ultra luxury resort that Blue Terra is proceeding with its partners. 


Dave has a history of starting up new companies involved in a variety of areas including education, power generation, real estate development and marine transportation. He received a BA in philosophy from Loyola University.

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