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Carbon Credits

Funding Using Blue Terra's Proprietary Business Funding Model

Green Suburb

example: Blue Terra Capital Ltd is arranging the Carbon Credits for the initial 800 MW of solar power in South Africa and has option for the remaining 2.4 GW. 

Carbon Credits:


Blue Terra / principals has developed over the last 15 years the network of relationships, knowledge, partnerships that helped create a business model for utilizing carbon credits to complement the funding of renewable energy projects. Aside its own led projects in Africa, Europe and the Americas, Blue Terra became an anchor partner to a company that can become the leader in renewable energy in South Africa: 


Korean Solar Power Consortium SA Ltd  (“KSPC”) which has been developing since 2011 several projects of 3.2 GW, from which 800 MW are proceeding for implementation in 2023.  Aside the overall partnership with KSPC in bringing along other sources of funding that position the company to go public during the next 1-2 years, Blue Terra is proceeding with joint venture partnership, KSPC Carbon Credits to utilize the Blue Terra proprietary business model / relationships to expedite the development of KSPC.

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