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         Ultra Luxury Resort on our island of High Cay, Abacos, Bahamas

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Developing one of the most luxury resorts in the Caribbean


Blue Terra has lined up during the last 6 years a long list of billionaires for launching what it aspires to be one of the most exclusive and high end ultra luxury resorts in the Caribbean. We have readied a large clientele of American, Indian, Israeli, Mexican and Brazilian billionaires, including those in Miami/West Palm Beach and New York. Many of these UHNWIs do not have US citizenship and need to be outside of the US for more than 6 months a year: High Cay is the closest destination of ultra-luxury nature and remoteness appealing to them, around 45 minutes total travel time from Florida.


An anchor partner is the 256 Network, which will hold custom made small but focused same minded UHNWIs gatherings to advance common goals especially reflecting the values of the members, focusing on:


  • Promoting world peace initiatives.

  • Fighting poverty / helping those in need.

  • Advancing women rights.


The last reference is actually a core raison d'être of the resort: to provide a venue where women of power from around the world will hold events of relatively small number but effective targeted groups. Andreas Karas own belief and lifetime commitment to advancing women in positions of power is a reflection of his belief that women are the ones with the innate qualities to lead and bring peace and prosperity in this world.  Still women should lead this initiative and all women directly or indirectly working or cooperating with Blue Terra have the qualities and interest to make this a success.  The first such events are coordinated by Karen Korponai, and given the existing infrastructure that exists in Bahamas these events will start in Bahamas even before the full resort at High Cay, Abacos is in operation; change cannot wait.    

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