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Solar Power Projects Business Development of 7.16 GW

Solar Panels

7.16 GW of solar power plants of business development of which 
the 800 MW starting construction within the next 6 months.

Solar Power Plants:


For renewable energy to have a meaningful impact on our common strive towards a more sustainable future, at Blue Terra  (living up to our name), we have been forging partnerships across the globe that aim to reduce the levelized cost of electricity especially in capturing the potential that solar energy has.  Given its intermittent nature and also grid connectivity related issues, we have paid special emphasis on coupling solar energy with electricity storage and agrivoltaics. 


The following are projects that we are actively involved, with the larger ones being where we play a core role, especially on financial structuring that includes what is most relevant to each project, with special emphasis on carbon credits:


South Africa:   3.2 GW of Korean Solar Power Consortium in partnership with Blue Terra, including on the KSPC Carbon Credits.

East Africa:     1.5 GW + electricity storage and agrivoltaics

Central America/Caribbean: 500 MW + electricity storage and agrivoltaics. These pilot projects can significantly increase.

European Union: 250 MW + hydrogen generation, as pilot projects (to complement much larger offshore wind projects) the solar projects will grow significantly if we have good value for money (low cost)

United States: 10 MW + 100 houses development as a pilot project for other much larger solar, wind, electricity storage projects.

North Africa:   Preliminary discussion for 1.7 GW


Total of 5.46 GW + 1.7 GW = 7.16 GW

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