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Tech & Smart Cities

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Blue Terra Capital Ltd via the transfer by his principal is a partner in companies such as: , 
and Lumina 3D technology 

Tech & Smart Cities:

Blue Terra is negotiating with companies that have been leaders in the technology sector for a more structured partnership so that we have them take the lead and Blue Terra and its associates / friends bring along what they are better positioned to do: relationships and funding.  This ecosystem / platform will also enable our advisory board and our broader network of friends having a structured venue of assessing and advancing technology opportunities. This side of business is managed by Marios Afantitis who has been entrusted by Blue Terra to lead certain entities and he is himself an entrepreneur as per one of the technology venture that Blue Terra supported, see MindSwaps below.



Mindswaps is an online hybrid learning platform. It combines an all-inclusive ed-marketplace with virtual classroom tools. Users can trade any lessons regardless of platform origin with optional in-house tools for all types of online lesson creation. Tools like live and offline teaching, chatrooms, parental monitoring, payment gateway, virtual reality, group creation, white-labelling, etc can be easily tailored to create private student, teacher or parent accounts, while companies can create business accounts, white-label academies, virtual schools and many more. 

The online educational platform was tested and proven in Cyprus and now we have discussions with strategic partners to launch it with focus on certain languages. For example, in Swahili for which we have interested investors from Middle East and partners from Tanzania and Kenya.




Lumina Enhanced Realty (ER) has a patented technology that projects lifelike full-color 3D images & videos vertically above a smartphone, tablet, or larger digital display into the viewer’s own space without the need for glasses or goggles. This is a venture of our advisory board member and close to 15 years friend and partner, Michael Jaliman; a venture that Blue Terra is supporting in every aspect that it can.


Skopje Technology Park


Blue Terra’s principal Andreas Karas founded and led the company STP Capital Partners to develop in Skopje, North Macedonia the most high tech mixed use development / tech park in the Balkans where Thunderbird School of Global Management and other eminent companies are involved. Andreas has then transferred the rights and the management has been passed to his local partners, retaining the second largest shareholding and the project expanded to include a parallel development of movie / music studios.


The tech park / smart city concept was based on 15 years of relationships and knowledge that Andreas had developed into smart city solutions that he retained the rights of copying his work to other projects. Actually one such project started earlier than STP and he is proceeding with his partners to move it forth now and more information will be provided at an appropriate time.

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